Meet the Rockskippers

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We’re a London-Berlin based collective of writers, creatives and explorers. We go in search of adventure, whether it’s around the corner or on the other side of the globe.

We’ll be seeking out new destinations with an appreciation for fashion, music, food and summer vibes. From far-flung beaches to festivals in muddy fields, tropical jungles to urban jungles, every trip has its own soundtrack. Follow our Rockskippers playlists on Spotify.

We’re on Instagram @rockskippers and Twitter @therockskippers too (all photos are our own, unless stated otherwise).

We know they say the Earth is round but if it has an edge, we’ll find it.

Bianca Mersini, Editor/Contributer: Bianca is a travel and fashion writer and social media specialist. She writes for various brands, which have included Chanel, Burberry, Jo Malone London and Avis Inspires. Swimwear designer, scuba diver, hula dancer, occasional DJ and self-confessed mermaid, when she’s not writing, she’s out exploring the globe and its seven seas.

Alice Mariscotti-Wyatt, Contributer: Alice has many years’ experience working in travel, including being Content Editor at If she’s not travelling she’s (extensively) researching her next trip. From the quirkiest of hotels to the balmiest of beaches, she’s on a seek and share mission around the world. After moving out of her houseboat in London, she currently lives in Berlin and is still trying to get into Berghain.

Genna AlTai, Contributer: Welsh-Iraqi American turned Londoner, Genna’s genetic makeup has made it very hard for her to stay in just one place. Now Content Manager at a creative agency, Ms. AlTai studied at NYU where she hosted WNYU’s radio show “Sound Between,” before working at CMJ & SPIN. Genna enjoys 90’s/early 2000’s rock, travelling (duh) and playing with animals. Genna would like it if you followed her on Twitter: @itsGennaAlTai

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