Script to Screen: Camille Mỹ Giang’s Tahitian Dance Tale

Help filmmaker/dancer Camille Mỹ Giang take her beautiful Tahitian dance story from page to pictures as she raises funds to create a new short film, The Vahine:

Camille is a French-Vietnamese filmmaker who developed a deep love of Polynesian dance when she moved to London and discovered London School of Hula and ‘Ori (LSHO). Since then, she’s performed in several shows with the LSHO team, including the Ori Tahiti Nui competition in Tahiti.

“I’m looking into giving life to a film called “The Vahine”. It tells the story of a young ‘Ori Tahiti dancer desperately trying to communicate her love of dance and facing resistance linked to heritage, modernity, and historical clichés…” explains Camille.

Inspired by her fellow dancers, Camille has created an enchanting short story and launched a crowdfunding project to bring it to life. World-renown dancers and musicians will be joining her on this journey. With Kanani Lokelani, Ofaloto Kuma, Krysten Resnick and Tehani Robinson on the team, the film is set to be a glorious celebration of Tahitian dance and culture.

The Rockskippers team can’t wait to watch La Vahine in the future and we wish Camille and her team lots of luck in making this short film a reality!

All contributions are welcome. Stay up to date with this exciting new project on Facebook.

(Cover photo credit: Instagram @vahine_film featuring @kananilokelani)

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