Spring Awakenings in Tuscany & Liguria

by Bianca

Spring is one of the most enchanting times to explore the Italian regions of Tuscany and Liguria. Although, that being said, every season is a beautiful time to visit these two neighbouring regions which sit in the centre of the country.

If you want to catch fields full of golden sunflowers and risottos bursting with the fresh flavours of the spring, then now is a great time to go and explore.

A Trio of Tuscan Cities

Make sure you stop off at Florence, Sienna and Pisa if you have enough time. This Tuscan triangle of cities contains an infinite number of famous historical and artistic attractions from the Medieval to Renaissance eras. Even just a stroll through the streets of Florence is like walking through a huge al fresco art gallery, thanks to all the sculptures and frescos that decorate the city.

Hidden Gems of Tuscany

If you’re keen to get off the tourist trail, take a scenic drive through the countryside and sample some local delicacies along the way. Hike or mountain bike through Roman ruins dotted along the beautiful mountains around Fiesole, explore the quaint hilltop town of Val D’Elsa or discover the castle at Montereggioni.

Delights of Liguria

Over in neighbouring Liguria, the picturesque cliffs and seaside villages of Cinque Terre offer stunning views and fantastic hiking routes. Take a drive further along the coast to discover the charming towns of the Italian Riviera or explore the city of Genoa with its historic palaces and delicious trattorias.

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