Road Tripping in Vietnam: Hue to Hoi An

by Bianca

Bursting with natural beauty and cultural delights, the road from Hue to Hoi An will lead you on an adventure along Vietnam’s vibrant coastline and through the famous Hoi Van Pass.


Although Vietnam has a variety of interesting road trip routes to choose from, all with wonderful views and points of interest that make great pit stops, it’s hard to rival the sensational stretch which will lead you between these two beautiful cities.

History and Dragons in Hue


If you’re starting your road trip in the historical city of Hue, take some time to explore the area first. Highlights include a variety of palaces and pagodas within the city and around it too. There are also hidden treasures such as the atmospheric abandoned water park.

Along the Hoi Van Pass


Take the legendary Hoi Van Pass up through the magnificent mountains, past lush greenery and alongside panoramic views of the sea. Every angle is picture perfect. Then head to the golden sandy beaches at the end of the pass and take time out for a swim.

Attractions at Altitude


Next, make your way to Marble Mountain and climb to the top of Thuy Son peak. The impressive temple complex is draped with history and legends. You’ll find picturesque pagodas, flower gardens and curious caves with carvings and sculptures.

See what’s Happening in Hoi An


The riverside town of Hoi An is a beautiful place to end your road trip. Explore the pretty streets under the soft glow of colourful lanterns, check out the nearby beaches or browse the market stalls and bespoke tailoring workshops.

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