A Micro Guide to Mykonos Beach Clubs

by Bianca

Nowhere does beach-chic quite like Mykonos. From the style-conscious crowd that fills sand-fringed dance floors to the polished yet rustic decor of the luxury beach clubs, good looks are high on the agenda.

Although there’s a lot more to the Greek party island than glamorous bars, including the beautiful natural scenery and outdoor adventures, you can’t go to Mykonos without sampling a slice of the beach club life.

Most beaches have been claimed by at least one big bar or club, complete with tightly-packed rows of sun loungers which can set you back between €50-150  per pair. Cocktails will generally cost around €16-19, so be prepared to splash a little cash while you’re there. As the afternoon sets in, the music is turned up and can range from a chill-out session to full-on dance party.


Although these clubs often cultivate an air of exclusivity, there are generally no strict entrance policies or dress codes. The island does have its own unspoken fashion trends each summer though, which you’ll see in the boutiques dotted around the town if you want to shop the look. Must-have items this year include floor-sweeping pieces in floaty lace and crochet, shell choker necklaces and ankle bracelets for women, and shorts with a T-shirt or shirt are pretty standard for men. However, freedom of self-expression and gender-fluidity in your personal style is welcomed when it comes to Mykonos fashion.

Here’s a small selection of some of the different spots to sip an afternoon cocktail, pose and/or people-watch, and party into the evening.

Scorpios, Paraga


This beach club has been one of the most popular sunset party spots on the island for the past few years. Perched on a rocky outcrop in between Paraga and Agia Anna Beaches, the large bar and restaurant is also accompanied by a bazaar-inspired boutique. Check the schedule for DJ line-ups and party dates when minimal house fills the ethnic-lux styled space, where every angle is an Instagram photo waiting to happen.

TOP TIP: Party days can be extremely busy. Unless you’re reserving a table, arrive before 6pm on party days to skip the queues and ensure you get in. There can also be a build-up of traffic near the club.

SantAnna, Paraga


The word on the beach is that SantAnna is home to the largest swimming pool in Europe. The huge space, which self-describes its vibe as “laidback revelry”, includes a swim-up bar, boutique and restaurant and also spills out onto Paraga Beach, where the corresponding section of sand is covered in the bar’s rope-decorated sun umbrellas. A clean and modern twist on rustic Greek style, everything is elegantly colour-coordinated in natural hues.

TOP TIP: Try to take note of where you and your friends are sitting for the day so that you don’t get lost if you go for a wander around the bar. Yes, it really is that big.

Super Paradise Club, Super Paradise


One of the original beach party destinations on the island, Super Paradise has been hosting their daily dance parties since the early 1990s. EDM pumps out of the speakers most afternoons from around 5pm, while Friday afternoons switch to R&B and urban chart-toppers. Visit on Sundays to experience the popular “Greek Night” where Greek pop music pulls in a lively crowd.

TOP TIP: The afternoon parties continue into the night, so be prepared to stay late. If you don’t have your own transport, regular buses run to town and to the Old Port until around 11.30pm, but check the timetable as schedules can change.

Alemagou, Ftelia


Hidden away among the cliffs behind Ftelia Beach, Alemagou is where the boho crowd like to hang. Hard to get to unless you have your own transport, and equally hard to find unless you know where to look, it has a relaxed, beachy vibe and upbeat atmosphere with music turned up from around 2pm.

TOP TIP: This part of the island gets very windy when the Meltemi north wind is blowing. So, hold onto your hat!

Lohan Beach Club, Kalo Livadi

The newest addition to the Mykonos beach club scene is Lohan Beach House, named after and belonging to the one and only Lindsay Lohan. Following the opening of her club in Athens, the actor has branched out and the new club is rumoured to be the setting of MTV’s upcoming reality TV show, Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club. It’s a quieter spot than some of the other beach clubs around, featuring a central bar circled by bamboo pods and sofas on the sand. Cocktails are inspired by the Hollywood star, including the Lohan Colada.

TOP TIP: It may be early days for the new club but Li-Lo fans will enjoy paying it a visit (and probably taking a few selfies too).

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