Skye’s the Limit: The Most Impressive Sights of Skye

by Alice Mariscotti-Wyatt

Hey you guys, did you know that Skye is seriously, seriously beautiful? I mean… I did, but I was still underestimating it.

castle (ryan)

Cover photo & this photo credit: Ryan Bateman @rynbtmn

After travelling up to the Scottish Highlands for a wedding at the impossibly scenic Eilean Donan Castle, I got to spend three days driving around the island of Skye, making lame attempts to capture the scenery in comments. “It’s just so… majestic, isn’t it?” doesn’t even begin to cover what your eyes are dealing with.

So, after some time to reflect, these are what I think are the most impressive sights I saw on Skye.

Views of Uig

uig view

Uig is a small village set around a protected bay on Skye’s northern Trotternish Peninsula. And it’s also the spot where we got to spend our first night on Skye. And thanks to some freakishly good weather, this was our view.

uig pod

We were staying in a camping pod, up on the hillside, which I can thoroughly recommend as a blissful place to soak up sunshine, Skye views, and all the red wine the hostel shop could sell us.

Mac and Cheese Pies


The thing that has impressed me most about Scottish cuisine is undoubtedly the mac and cheese pie. This nation had the foresight and courage to know delicious, creamy mac and cheese would only be improved once encased in pastry.

No, it is not too many carbs, and yes, I took this picture whilst eating one in bed. Don’t judge me.

Views from the Old Man of Storr

There are so many recommended walks on Skye, but we couldn’t resist attempting the scramble up to the Old Man of Storr. This dramatic tower of rock can be glimpsed from the road as you drive across the island from the capital Portree and before.

The climb up is steep, we were struggling for breath within minutes. But there’s no rush, and pauses meant even more time to take in the blue views of the neighbouring island of Raasay.

As you near the Old Man, the level pathways give way to big boulders and rocky steps, and the final assent to the pinnacle of rock is a slightly heart-racing scramble over rocks and gravel. A lot of people seemed to take a second option, heading off to a viewpoint to the right, to save the scramble and capture some photographs instead.

Wind Turbine Blades on the Move

blade 3 (ryan)

Photo credit: Ryan Bateman @rynbtmn

I have no idea where these turbine blades were coming from or going to, but seeing them halt the traffic across the bridge to Skye was one of my most vivid memories. I’ve never appreciated just how massive they would be up close. And what a mammoth task it would be to move them.

We even got caught up in traffic behind what could have been the same blades days later on the return to Inverness!

House from Grand Designs

grand designs (ryan)

Photo credit: Ryan Bateman @rynbtmn

As we drove around the Trotternish Peninsula, we were looking for a spot to stop for tea, and we lucked out with the Single Track cafe. This tiny cafe doubles up as an art gallery, where you can also purchase some art supplies. But I’m afraid my eyes were all for the cakes, which were served in very generous portions.

As it was a sunny day, we sat outside to let our eyes explore the view of the green headland stretching into the sea, and of the modern grass-roofed house which was featured on the Channel 4 show, Grand Designs.

Fairy Pools

fairy pools

The second of our recommended walks was to catch sight of the Fairy Pools, near the southern village of Carbost. Thankfully this walk was a little easier on the legs than our last one, with a gradual slope up the plateaued landscape. As you follow the path, the river you’re following forms into a succession of aqua green pools, punctuated by waterfalls.

No-one was braving the water when we visited, but apparently you can take a dip with the fairies if you wish. Maybe in summer, eh?

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One thought on “Skye’s the Limit: The Most Impressive Sights of Skye

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