10 Things Glastonbury Taught Me About Camping

It’s that time of year again! Festival season is in full swing, so we’ve got our new Glastonbury playlist on standby and here are some festival camping tips and tricks that we shared last summer…


by Bianca Ohannessian

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been to Glastonbury festival. Not because I’ve been countless times, but I just can’t remember exactly which years I went. So I think it’s about five or six times, maybe seven.

Either way, I’ve have enough experience to pick up some tips and tricks when it comes to festival camping, or pitching up a tent in general. After a few fails, I’ve learnt from past mistakes. Even though glamping in a tepee is my festival accommodation of choice, sleeping in a tent still has its charm.


Whether you just need a reminder before your next music festival or holiday, or you’re a camping newbie, here’s a check-list that might come in handy this summer.

  1. Shade is your best friend – park yourself under a tree if you can. It will minimise the risk of waking up in a…

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