Rockskippers Recommends: Aire Café’s Smoothie Bowls, Koh Chang

by Bianca

On my recent travels to Southeast Asia, I seem to have developed a healthy obsession with smoothie bowls. This all started with my first taste of the tropical drink-in-a-bowl at a café called Aire, on the dreamy island of Koh Chang in Thailand.

The Founder


This is Natalie. She founded the Aire café and yoga centre earlier this year. Perched just off the path to laid-back Lonely Beach, she now runs it with the help of Luna – a puppy she rescued from a rubbish skip.  

With a Thai heritage and a love of travelling, Natalie decided to leave her home and career in advertising behind her in New York, in exchange for island life in Thailand. She was inspired by the people she met on her travels around Central America and Southeast Asia and decided to bring her dreams of opening a small business to life.

The Café

The bamboo structure and open side walls let in plenty of light and air, giving you the feeling of being outdoors. The space is decorated with cushions in colourful woven patterns that give the place a Thai twist.


Now, onto the smoothie bowls. Served in wooden bowls and sprinkled with homemade granola, each of the fruity flavours is packed full of natural vitamins and nutritious deliciousness.

Flavours include ‘Pura Vida’, a name inspired by her travels in Costa Rica, which blends vibrant pink dragon fruit with berries and bananas. ‘Tropical Beach Bowl’ is also a winner, combining pineapple with mango, banana and coconut milk.

Warning: it’s hard to resist taking photos of these pretty smoothie bowls!

Coffees and smoothie drinks are also available, along with a selection of locally sourced cakes such as vegan cheesecake.

The Yoga 


As well as exotic flavours, Aire also offers morning and sunset yoga classes on the beach to help you relax to the max. The Vinyasa flow class focuses on breath, movement and stability. It costs 250 Baht (just under £6) and private classes are available too.

Open daily from 10am, it’s the perfect way to start your day in paradise.

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2 thoughts on “Rockskippers Recommends: Aire Café’s Smoothie Bowls, Koh Chang

  1. Definitely recommended and great to see someone doing a different type of restaurant on Koh Chang. Makes a change from endless coffee shops.


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