REVL X Rockskippers

We’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered up with new events app REVL to bring you the low-down on the best activities and events in London.

Born out of a fear of FOMO (does that make it FOFOMO?), founder Brandon created the app to make sure you would never need to miss out on any of the exciting things happening in London.

With a whole string of venues and brands by it’s side, REVL is perfectly poised to pull together everything that’s happening in the capital. Whether you’re into keeping fit with yoga sessions at the top of The Shard, trying out the latest street food trends at Night Tales or finding out who’s gigging at The Roundhouse, REVL can help you find it.

The Playlists feature makes it easy to bookmark anything that catches your eye while you’re browsing and curate your events into your own personal to-do lists. You can follow your fellow REVLers on the app and see their Playlists too if you’re in need of a little inspiration.

Sign up here with our code “REVL10ZMP” for exclusive preview access to the app. Then check out our Rockskippers Playlists and give our REVL page a follow too.


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