Burberry’s Makers House: Exploring the Craft of Fashion (London Pop-up)

by Bianca

If you haven’t been down to Makers House yet, then you’ve got 24 hours to put that right. Burberry’s beautiful London pop up in collaboration with The New Craftsmen was the backdrop to the British fashion brand’s London Fashion Week show last week. The elegant space in Soho’s Manette Street is now open to visitors with a full schedule of events and exhibitions packed into its one-week of existence. Open until 7pm on the 27th of September, its appeal reaches far beyond fashion.


Makers house combines modernity with tradition in a was only Burberry knows how. You’ll find various workshops taking place throughout the day, including calligraphy, sculpture, silk screen printing and book binding. The intricacy and patience with which the leather book covers are embossed with gold leaf is mesmerising to watch. It’s a rare chance to see these skilled crafts people in action and to ask them questions too.
A pioneer of all things tech and social media, Burberry has also been pushing boundaries of the way new fashion collections are presented. Swapping the seasonal confines of Autumn/Winter and Spring/Summer for collections simple named after the month they are presented to the world. The new streamlined approach  combines both women and men’s looks in a single show. In fact, Burberry has been blurring the lines between genders in their current offering inspired by Virginia Wolf’s classic novel, Orlando.
Back to Makers House, the entire “September” collection is on display following the see-now buy-now show. Wander through the gardens and interior decorated with plaster casts of famous figures such as Sir Thomas Burberry and Virginia Wolf, and follow the luxurious green carpeted staircase to the upper floor to view the current collection. Or browse the lower level to get a glimpse into how the collection came about through sketches, patterned fabric samples and leather fastenings that adorn the walls. Or visit the Studio to come away with your own social media souvenir in the form of a video clip.
Don’t miss the chance to pick a few things off the Thomas’s Café menu and take a break in the garden. The cakes taste just as good as they look.

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