Badeschiff Swimming Pool: All Aboard!

by Bianca

Although Badeschiff translates as “bathing ship”, it is not really a ship.  It is, however, a swimming pool submerged in a river next to a city beach. What’s not to love?

Berlin really surprised me. In a good way. I wasn’t expecting it to be such an outdoor city, and I certainly wasn’t expecting there to be so many beaches among the crumbling Cold War-era concrete blocks. In fact, nature seems to be sprouting all around, with parks, gardens and other open spaces interspersing the various cafes, museums, vintage shops and clubs.


Head to the Kreuzberg district and follow a graffiti-decorated walkway passed a few clubs in brick warehouses, and you’ll find the entrance to Badeschiff tucked away in what looks like a dead end. But step through the door, for a reasonable €5.00 fee, and it opens up onto a whole new world. A buzzing beach party perched on the edge of the River Spree, looking out onto some of the city’s iconic landmarks.


The laid-back riverside beach comes complete with fine golden sands and deck chairs (if you’re lucky enough to grab yourself one!). It’s all backed by a bar and a few gourmet street food stalls, with a DJ providing the soundtrack to your afternoon in the sunshine. There’s also yoga and SUP on offer.


But the best bit has got to be the swimming pool. You get the feeling of swimming in the river, minus actually having to wade through the murky water. Boats, swans and the odd paddle boarder glide by at a leisurely pace. And whether you choose to practice your front crawl or just lounge about on the underwater ledge that lines the edges of the pool, you’ll be treated to fantastic views. Including russet turrets crowning the fairytale-like Oberbaum Bridge to the west, or the jutting geometric shapes of the futuristic Nhow hotel.

And when you’re done for the day, you’re conveniently located by some of the city’s liveliest nightlife spots and a generous selection of eateries around the river and back towards Schlesisches Tor metro station. Try White Trash Fast Food for eclectic surroundings, good food and a menu that makes for an entertaining read.

All in all, Badeschiff gets two very enthusiastic thumbs up from me. Fine holiday fun.

Sail over to @rockskippers on Instagram now for more summer pics.

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