The Cyclades: An Eclectic Family of Greek Islands (Avis Inspires)

by Bianca 

Meet the Cyclades family. They’re an eclectic yet lovable bunch. From chic Mykonos who likes to party until midday to romantic souls like Santorini and laid-back nature-lovers like Milos, they’ve all got their own character and sense of personal style.

The Cyclades clan come in all shapes and sizes, and between them they contain all of the contrasting personality traits that make up Greece’s holiday destinations. You’ll find hedonistic beach parties next to beautiful deserted stretches of golden sand, contemporary art galleries alongside impressive ancient history. And as they’re all neighbours, bobbing alongside one another in the bright blue Aegean Sea, you’re only ever a couple of hours’ boat ride away from some fresh new scenery.

But how do you decide which island to get to know first? Read my full article on the Avis Inspires blog to get better acquainted: The Cyclades: An Eclectic Family Of Greek Islands

But for now, here’s a brief introduction to a few of the main characters.

Naxos: The Mum and/or Dad of the group who like a bargain. They spend their free time visiting family beaches, historical attractions like the portara, harbour-side cafes and traditional Greek tavernas.

Mykonos: The socialite sister who stays out all night at VIP parties but still looks immaculate when she’s spotted lounging on Super Paradise beach the next day. She either stays in a private villa with an infinity pool or on her own yacht in Psarou Bay.

Paros: The teenage brother who likes to build sandcastles and play on jet skis by day but also wants to get in on the Pounda Beach bar action too. Probably on holiday with his parents and younger siblings though.

Santorini: The loved-up sibling that is about to get married/is getting married/just got married. Has a knack for seeking out cliff-top cocktail bars with sunset views.

Ios: The carefree cousin that went travelling to Australia two years ago and refuses to come home. Likes cheap beer. I mean, really likes cheap beer.

Tinos: A kind, elderly and pious Great Aunt who likes to stick to the rule book but also likes to kick back and relax a bit when no ones looking.

Sifnos: The arty auntie who wants to escape the crowds and enjoy the simple life in a beautiful natural setting, with a selection of restaurants that serve locally sourced deliciousness. A self-confessed foodie.

Andros: The retired grandparents who like spending time in tranquil gardens full of lush greenery, fishing and getting back to nature. They might even have an afternoon siesta every now and again. And who could blame them? They’ve earned it.

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