Chasing Scandinavia’s Midnight Sun

by Bianca

We may have passed the mid-summer mark on 25th June, but endless amounts of sunlight still shine on over the Scandinavian cities. And they will do for a few more weeks to come.

With the midnight sun lighting up the Arctic Circle all through the night, and very little darkness in the more southerly cities too, there are plenty of distractions on hand to keep you from retiring to your bed. From music festivals to attractions and national parks that are open until the AM, you can forget about getting any shut-eye. Who needs sleep anyway? It’s overrated.

So whether you’re taking a city break in Copenhagen or Stockholm, or planning to explore the great outdoors around Norway and the Arctic Tundra, the extra hours of daylight mean you can pack a lot more into your trip.

Hiking along fjords to the stunning Trolltunga rock, midnight whale-watching adventures or dancing through the night at an open-air festival – there’s plenty going on if you want to take advantage of the never-ending amounts of daylight.

In fact, there is so much going on that I wrote a whole travel guide about it for the Avis Inspires blog. Read my full article here via Avis Inspires: A Journey of Endless Sunshine

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